Alicante Journal of English Studies / Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses

The use of discourse markers in E.F.L. learners' writing

Ana Cristina Lahuerta Martínez



This study investigates the use of discourse markers by Spanish learners of English. It is intended as an initial contribution to the study of how discourse markers are used by foreign language learners. We conduct two pilot studies involving the use of English discourse markers by native speakers of Spanish. We first study if these speakers use English discourse markers at all in their writings and if they use some markers and not others. We then compare the use they make of discourse markers in Spanish and in English. This study shows that native speakers of Spanish use discourse markers extensively and in appropriate ways both in Spanish and in English. We also observe some differences between the writings in English and Spanish with respect to the number of markers employed as well as the variety of markers used. With these initial results, we intend to better define future research questions and directions.


Aprendizaje de la lengua; Segunda lengua; Marcadores del discurso; Escritura; Análisis del discurso; Lengua inglesa


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