Polysemy derivation in a multidimensional framework

Antonio José Silvestre-López


The aim of this paper is to systematise and illustrate the process of semantic network derivation within the multidimensional polysemy framework (Navarro, 1998, 2006) by way of a detailed analysis of the preposition into. The theoretical and methodological proposals introduce a series of parameters devised to identify, discriminate and classify network senses that can be applied to any preposition analysed within this framework. The results of the process (based on the manual analysis and classification of corpus examples) are illustrated by a description of the primary and secondary senses with which into is commonly associated in discourse as arranged in a multidimensional network.


Multidimensional polysemy; Sense derivation; Procedures; Prepositions; Into

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/raei.2014.27.12