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Words and patterns: lexico-grammatical patterns and semantic relations in domain-specific discourses

Concepción Orna-Montesinos



The underlying assumption of this study is the understanding of a specialized term as a summary of disciplinary knowledge, formalized at a textual level in the contextual relations which structure disciplinary lexical knowledge and are therefore essential for the successful interpretation of a text. With that aim this paper carries the analysis of the lexico-grammatical patterns which signal the hyponymy and meronymy relations of the term building, a key disciplinary concept in a corpus of construction engineering textbooks, using the WordNet database for reference. The linguistic analysis of the repertoire of lexico-grammatical patterns employed brings to the fore the dual role of hyponymy and meronymy as both semantic and metalinguistic discourse-organizing lexical resources, key in the rhetorical organization of the discourse of this discipline.


Lexico-grammatical patterns; Hyponymy; Meronymy; Semantic relations; Domain-specific discourses


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