Critical discourse analysis as an analytical resource for cultural studies: exploring the discursive construction of subject positions in British men's magazines' problem pages


  • Eduardo de Gregorio Godeo



Revistas, Hombres, Masculinidad, Identidad de género, Estudios culturales, Análisis crítico del discurso, Reino Unido


In operating with quite an abstract approach to 'discourse', cultural studies has hardly engaged in detailed textual analyses examining the role of language and discourse in the constitution of cultural processes. By focusing on an area of concern for contemporary cultural studies such as the discursive construction of subject positions, this paper casts light on the instrumental role that critical discourse analysis (henceforth CDA) may play as an analytical resource for cultural studies. In particular, we highlight how detailed textual analyses undertaken by CDA may contribute to deciphering the role of language and discourse in the articulation of cultural practices of identity representation and construction in media discourse. After revising the coincidences on the agendas of CDA and cultural studies, a case study follows exploring the discursive construction of such a subject position on masculinity as the so- called 'new man' in a sample from men's magazines' problem pages as a characteristic popular-culture genre in contemporary Britain. Our analysis substantiates the validity of Fairclough's CDA framework for disentangling the mechanisms of identity construction in this genre of present-day media discourse in the UK.



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Gregorio Godeo, Eduardo de. 2006. “Critical Discourse Analysis As an Analytical Resource for Cultural Studies: Exploring the Discursive Construction of Subject Positions in British men’s magazines’ Problem Pages”. Alicante Journal of English Studies / Revista Alicantina De Estudios Ingleses, no. 19 (November):83-100.