Alicante Journal of English Studies / Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses

Specialized bilingual dictionaries for translators (some considerations for a user-oriented approach)

Adelina Gómez González-Jover



Given the strong demand for multilingual communication aimed at the transfer of research and investigation results of any kind to the dissemination of technological progress on a worldwide scale, specialized bilingual dictionaries are the main tools at the disposal of translators. Although it is generally accepted that dictionaries are to be user-oriented, i.e. designed for specific users, the underlying implications of such an obvious statement are not always taken into consideration. The aim of this paper is thus to present a brief explanation of some aspects that must be considered when carrying out a terminological work designed for a specific user: the mediator of interlinguistic communication.


Diccionarios bilingües; Diccionarios especializados; Traducción


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