Alicante Journal of English Studies / Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses

Sequence and hierarchy in discourse organization

Pamela Stoll Dougall



This paper discusses the sequential and hierarchical dimensions of discourse as understood from differing standpoints by conversation analysis and discourse analysis. Section 1 is devoted to the conception of discourse as a linear sequence, which enables the description of the internal structure of exchanges, while section 2 concerns itself with the notion of hierarchy, more suitable for examining the internal structure of moves. In section 3 the functional hierachical discourse model put forward by Roulet et al. (1987) is considered as a synthesis of both approaches supplying a framework for the description of both the linear and hierarchical nature of discourse, monologal as well as dialogal. Section 4 examines one case of implicit dialogism in written monologue, providing a brief illustration of the type of analysis rendered by that discourse model.


Análisis del discurso; Estructura del discurso; Diálogo; Monólogo; Secuencia; Jerarquía


Copyright (c) 1996 Pamela Stoll Dougall

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