Neo-Aristotelian criticism in the U.S.A.: the Chicago School, contribution to a basic bibliography


  • Francisco Javier García Rodríguez



Neoaristotelismo, Crítica literaria, Estados Unidos, Escuela de Chicago, Bibliografías


In this bibliographic essay I first give some of the reasons that, in my opinion, had led to the lack of knowledge about the Chicago School as regards the Literary Criticism. Afterwards I have prepared a basic bibliography on Neo-Aristotelians, which up to the present time, has been little known due to its dispersion and lack of organization in a general project. The primary sources show an intellectual activity which has been both long and huge, regarding time and its interests respectively; whereas the secondary sources embody a fair view of the response that the Chicago School has been given throughout the years. This bibliography is meant to be neither exhaustive nor critic, but a first serious approach to the theoretical and critical activity of a group of scholars with common interests who are a very important milestone in the 20th-century American literary criticism.


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