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Telling the true Gibraltarian Story: an Interview with Gibraltarian writer M.G. Sanchez

Elena Seoane



Born in Gibraltar in 1968, writer M. G. Sanchez moved to the UK to study English Literature at the age of twenty-seven, where he has lived ever since, with interludes in New Zealand (2004), India (2005-2008) and, more recently, Japan (2014-2016). He took BA, MA and PhD degrees at the University of Leeds, completing his studies in 2004 with a thesis exploring perceptions of ‘hispanicity’ in Elizabethan and Jacobean literature. His first publication was Rock Black: Ten Gibraltarian Stories, a collection of short narratives. Since then he has written three novels on Gibraltar – The Escape Artist, Solitude House and Jonathan Gallardo – as well as numerous stories and essays. His latest work, Past: A Memoir, was published in October 2016, and explores his own family history on the Rock.


Mark G. Sanchez; Interview


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