Alicante Journal of English Studies / Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses

Language learner autonomy in practice: possibilities in a foreign language situation

Ana María Bocanegra Valle, Anton Haidl Dietlmeier



In this article the concept of learner autonomy is applied to the foreign language classroom although some ideas might also be useful within a second language context. It begins by approaching the different problems that a foreign language context entails. It then goes on to put forward the rationale which justifies David Little's construct of developmental and experiential learning (Learner Autonomy) as the result of both interactional and inferential input. The latter is redefined here on the basis of a pragmatic theory: Relevance Theory, first proposed by Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson in 1986. Finally, some hints aiming to foster learner autonomy inside and outside the classroom are reported after an experience with university students of English in Spain.


Enseñanza de la lengua; Aprendizaje de lenguas; Estrategias de aprendizaje; Método de enseñanza; Lengua extranjera


Copyright (c) 1999 Ana María Bocanegra Valle, Anton Haidl Dietlmeier

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