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No 4 Poems Abstract   PDF (165,3 kB)
Silvia Plath, J.I. Oliva
No 5 Poems Abstract   PDF (139,11 kB)
William Butler Yeats, Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 5 Poems Abstract   PDF (141,15 kB)
Michael Hartnett, Beatriz Villacañas Palomo
No 5 Poems Abstract   PDF (99,39 kB)
Seamus Heaney, Beatriz Villacañas Palomo
No 7 Poems Abstract   PDF (70,83 kB) (Español)
William Blake, Natividad Fernández de Bobadilla Lara
No 8 Poems Abstract   PDF (102,74 kB)
John Donne, Jesús Cora Alonso
No 12 Poems Abstract   PDF (157,9 kB)
Robert Creeley, Julián López Medina
No 17 Poems by Leonard Cohen (1934-) Details   PDF (64,77 kB)
Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 9 Poems from Green soldiers Abstract   PDF (128,47 kB)
John Bensko, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 11 Politeness: a relevant issue for relevance theory Abstract   PDF (826,13 kB)
Victoria Escandell Vidal
No 27 Polysemy derivation in a multidimensional framework Abstract   PDF (394,5 kB)
Antonio José Silvestre-López
No 15 Post-colonial girl-children in Olive Senior's short stories Abstract   PDF (1,04 MB)
Begoña Vilouta Vázquez
No 27 Postcolonial Nation and Matrilineal Myth: Social Construction of Maternity in Michelle Cliff’s “Clare Savage” Novels Abstract   PDF (124,5 kB)
Izabella Penier
No 12 Postmodernism and the ontological dominant: the poetics of integration in Peter Ackroyd's The House of Doctor Dee Abstract   PDF (874,45 kB)
María Jesús Martínez Alfaro
No 12 Postmodernist narrative: in search of an alternative Abstract   PDF (1,33 MB)
Brian Crews
No 14 Pragmatics and semiotics: the relevance of addressee expectations in the translation of newspaper texts Abstract   PDF (2,11 MB)
Eva Samaniego Fernández
No 5 Predetermination and nihilism in W. B. Yeats's theatre Abstract   PDF (712,86 kB)
Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 3 Predicative Complements in English and in Spanish Abstract   PDF (415,02 kB) (Español)
Monserrat Martínez Vázquez
No 11 Preface Details   PDF (138,61 kB)
Dan Sperber, Deirdre Wilson
No 16 Preface Details   PDF (61,17 kB)
María Lourdes López Ropero, Isabel Díaz Sánchez
No 19 Preface Details   PDF (129,86 kB)
José Mateo Martínez, Francisco Yus Ramos
No 21 Preface Details   PDF (75,74 kB)
Victoria Guillén Nieto, Chelo Vargas Sierra, Judith Williams Jellyman
No 22 Preface Details   PDF (49,89 kB)
Eliecer Crespo Fernández
No 30: Special Issue: English as a Contact Language: Variation and Diffusion Present-day Spanish fashion lexicon dresses up in English Abstract   PDF (382,53 kB)
Beatriz Rodríguez Arrizabalaga
No 14 Presupposition, perceptional relativity and translation theory Abstract   PDF (1,81 MB)
Ayman El-Gamal
No 18 Priority hierarchies in subject assignment in English: case of conflation Abstract   PDF (856,9 kB)
Carolina Rodríguez Juárez
No 11 Processing for relevance Abstract   PDF (1,12 MB)
Marjolein Groefsema
No 7 Q.D. Leavis: a bibliography of primary and secondary sources Abstract   PDF (1,31 MB)
José Ramón Díaz Fernández
No 31 Race, Battlefield 1 and the White Mythic Space of the First World War Abstract   PDF (85,28 kB)
Stefan Aguirre Quiroga
No 25 Race-ing with the Times: Theatrical Exigency and Performative Politics in Trevor Nunn’s Othello (1989) Abstract   PDF (273,11 kB)
Susan L. Fischer
No 10 Raising learning awareness in the EST classroom: practical application in a lesson Abstract   PDF (2,97 MB)
María Paz Kindelán Echevarría
No 10 Ramón Ribé (with the collaboration of María Luz Celaya, Margarita Ravera, Fernanda Rodríguez, Elsa Tragant y Nuria Vidal). Tramas creativas y aprendizaje de lenguas (Prototipos de tareas de tercera generación), Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona, Publicacions, 1997, 306 pp. Details   PDF (221,65 KB)
Víctor Manuel Pina Medina
No 21 Rapport management under examination in the context of medical consultations in Spain and Britain Abstract   PDF (103,28 kB)
María de la O Hernández López
No 29 Rationalist tendencies in the translation of Slovak historiography into English Abstract   PDF (271,43 kB)
Danica Maleková
No 16 Reading and teaching Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible as postcolonial Abstract   PDF (116,2 kB)
Feroza Jussawalla
No 17 Reading Diego de San Pedro in Tudor England Abstract   PDF (128,44 kB)
Daniel Gil Sáenz
No 10 Reading models in foreign language teaching Abstract   PDF (1,26 MB)
Marto Redondo Madrigal
No 5 Real grass and the light of other days Details   PDF (861,83 kB)
D.E.S. Maxwell
No 9 Realistic vs romantic: the imagistic world of post-war English literature Abstract   PDF (1,35 MB)
María Antonia Álvarez Calleja
No 8 Reconstructing the non-existent: levels of self-reference in Lanark Abstract   PDF (329,96 kB)
Mario Díaz Martínez
No 4 Reduction, fusion and raising in English and Spanish Abstract   PDF (631,81 kB)
Francisco Garrudo Carabias
No 3 Reflections on Joseph Conrad's First Profession Abstract   PDF (308,3 kB) (Español)
Julio B. Fuentes Bobo
No 1 Reflections on some approaches to style and stylistics Details   PDF (784,51 kB)
Norman F. Blake
No 16 Reflections on some syntactical processes and their communicative implications in two short stories written by Julia Álvarez : My English and A Genetics of Justice Abstract   PDF (119,83 kB)
María Martínez Lirola
No 11 Relevance and modality Abstract   PDF (1,13 MB)
José Luis Berbeira Gardón
No 11 Relevance and the translation of poetry Abstract   PDF (568,4 kB)
Marta Dahlgren Thorsell
No 13 Relevance theory, humour, and the narrative structure of humorous novels Abstract   PDF (859,58 kB)
Cristina Larkin Galiñanes
No 11 Relevance: a thematic bibliographical list Abstract   PDF (1,38 MB)
Francisco Yus Ramos
No 24 Religious focalisation in dictionaries: a comparative case study between English and Spanish Abstract   PDF (340,39 kB)
María Alonso Alonso, Laura Torrado Mariñas
No 5 Remembered light: constants in the fiction of John McGahern Details   PDF (939,91 kB)
Brian Hughes
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