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No 29 Moya Guijarro, Arsenio Jesús (2014). A Multimodal Analysis of Picture Books for Children. A Systemic Functional Approach. London: Equinox. 297 pages Details   PDF (127,99 kB)
María Martínez Lirola
No 27 Multimodal signs in (non)heteronormative discourse of transnational Hindi cinema: the case study of Hindi film Dostana Abstract   PDF (186,13 kB)
Snobra Rizwan
No 19 Multimodality and relevance in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games televised promotion Abstract   PDF (1,33 MB)
Elly Ifantidou, Angeliki Tzanne
No 26 Myths of Primitiveness: A Barthean Interpretation of Rhetorical Devices in Early Jazz Criticism Abstract   PDF (233,75 kB)
Claudia Alonso Recarte
No 16 Narratives of displacement : V.S. Naipaul's Indians in exile Abstract   PDF (125,09 kB)
Jesús Varela Zapata
No 10 Native English-speaking teachers versus non-native English-speaking teachers Abstract   PDF (775,67 kB)
Iván García Merino
No 6 Neo-Aristotelian criticism in the U.S.A.: the Chicago School, contribution to a basic bibliography Abstract   PDF (881,9 kB)
Francisco Javier García Rodríguez
No 10 New physics, old metaphysics: quantum and quotidian in Ian McEwan's The Child in Time Abstract   PDF (936,74 kB)
Derek Wright
No 6 Non-SVO constructions in English: some pragmatic and functional considerations Abstract   PDF (830,8 kB)
Elena Martínez Caro
No 4 Notes Details   PDF (2,22 MB)
Miguel Ángel Campos Pardillos, María José Martínez Azorín, Víctor Manuel Pina Medina, María del Carmen África Vidal Claramonte, José Antonio Álvarez Amorós
No 5 Notes Details   PDF (231,31 kB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso, Yolanda Sánchez Mateo, José Antonio Álvarez Amorós
No 6 Notes Details   PDF (259,43 kB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso, Yolanda Sánchez Mateo, Celia Rico Pérez, María del Carmen África Vidal Claramonte, José Antonio Álvarez Amorós
No 3 Notes on the Evolution of Point of View in Jean Rhys's Fiction: Wide Sargasso Sea Abstract   PDF (447,58 kB) (Español)
Rosa María García Rayego
No 17 Obituary. Pedro-Jesús Marcos Pérez, founder of Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses Details   PDF (55,67 kB) (Español)
Enrique Alcaraz Varó
No 13 Objective and subjective variables in two university classes Abstract   PDF (1,92 MB)
Roberto Antonio Valdeón García
No 5 Observations on Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds in translation Details   PDF (360,59 kB)
Michael White
No 2 Oda a una urna griega Abstract   PDF (115,34 kB) (Español)
John Keats, José David Pujante Sánchez
No 7 Ode to Wisdom: by a Lady Details   PDF (179,22 kB)
Samuel Richardson, Eterio Pajares Infante
No 7 Oisin's quest: the myth of the modernist poet's evolution Abstract   PDF (939,45 kB)
Mauricio Damián Aguilera Linde
No 27 On Identity, Place, Dignity, and Honor: The Madonnas of Echo Park (2010) by Brando Skyhorse Abstract   PDF (127 kB)
Amaya Ibarrarán-Bigalondo
No 10 On subject It-extrapositions: evidence from present-day English Abstract   PDF (719,66 kB)
María Ángeles Gómez González
No 25 On the Internal Argument(s) of Unaccusative [Verb+Preposition] Structures Abstract   PDF (302,02 kB)
Concepción Castillo Orihuela
No 15 On the nature of the verb in present day English (existential) there-constructions. Formal and communicative implications Abstract   PDF (1,38 MB)
Ana Elina Martínez Insúa
No 9 On the origin and history of the English prepositional type a-hunting: a corpus-based study Abstract   PDF (787,31 kB)
Paloma Núñez Pertejo
No 18 On the phatic interpretation of utterances: a complementary relevance-theoretic proposal Abstract   PDF (1,35 MB)
Manuel Padilla Cruz
No 24 On the pragmatic function of anglicisms in Spanish: a case study Abstract   PDF (267,1 kB)
María Isabel González Cruz, María Jesús Rodríguez Medina
No 7 On the sources of interlanguage phonology: some evidence from Yoruba-English Abstract   PDF (637,68 kB)
Raphael O. Atoye
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law Opacity in International Legal Texts: Generic Trait or Symbol of Power? Abstract   PDF (391,2 kB)
María Ángeles Orts
No 12 Opening the purple wardrobe: a psychoanalytic approach to the poetry of Richard Crashaw (1613-1649) Abstract   PDF (363,42 kB)
Bill Phillips
No 25 Ophelia’s Ghost Abstract   PDF (277,85 kB)
Marion Wynne-Davies
No 22 Orígenes del feminismo: Textos ingleses de los siglos XVI al XVIII. Ed. Lidia Taillefer De Haya Madrid: Narcea, 2008. 256 pp. Details   PDF (104,04 KB)
Rosa Muñoz Luna
No 13 Pakistani literature in English 1993 and 1994: a critical survey Details   PDF (425,79 kB)
Alamgir Hashmi
No 17 Panama Canal Zone, the Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands! Details   PDF (231,34 kB)
David L. Gold
No 12 Paradigmatic complementariness in variation studies Abstract   PDF (919,22 kB)
Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy
No 12 Paradoxical time and providential history in Shakespeare and Bacon Abstract   PDF (1,1 MB)
José María Rodríguez García
No 12 Paul Tench (1996). The Intonation Systems of English. New York: Cassell. 160 pp. Details   PDF (212,45 KB)
Mercedes Cabrera-Abreu
No 26 Performance and the City: Constructing Urban Identities in Contemporary London Abstract   PDF (289,08 kB)
Laura Di Michele
No 26 Performance Studies Floating Free of Theatre. Richard Schechner and the Rise of an Open Interdisciplinary Field Abstract   PDF (276,85 kB)
Fabrizio Deriu
No 22 Persuasive nature of image schematic devices in advertising: their use for introducing sexisms Abstract   PDF (938,28 kB)
María Sol Velasco Sacristán, María Enriqueta Cortés de los Ríos
No 11 Phatic interpretations: standarisation and conventionalisation Abstract   PDF (575,63 kB)
Steve Nicolle, Billy Clark
No 29 Phi-Agreement in Past Participle Constructions Abstract   PDF (297,05 kB)
Concha Castillo
No 22 Phraseological units: persuasion and translation Abstract   PDF (174,54 kB)
Marisa Díez Arroyo
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law Plain English in Legal Language: A Comparative Study of Two UK Acts of Parliament Abstract   PDF (156,5 kB)
Catalina Riera
No 1 Plays-within-plays in three modern plays: Michael Frayn's Noises Off, Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing and Alan Ayckbourn's A Chorus of Disapproval Details   PDF (805,29 kB)
María Pilar Zozaya Ariztia
No 13 Poe: the concept of poetry and poetic practice with reference to the relationship between The poetic principle and Annabel Lee Abstract   PDF (1 MB)
María Luz García Parra
No 1 Poems Abstract   PDF (292,64 kB) (Español)
Seamus Heaney, Ana Eiroa Guillén, Brian Hughes
No 3 Poems Abstract   PDF (64,59 kB) (Español)
William Butler Yeats, Tomás Ramos Orea
No 3 Poems Abstract   PDF (102,41 kB)
Edward Thomas, Tomás Ramos Orea
No 4 Poems Abstract   PDF (154,08 kB)
Robert Burns, Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 4 Poems Abstract   PDF (163,47 kB)
William Wordsworth, Tomás Ramos Orea
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