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No 16 Imag(in)ing the Nation through Maori eyes/I's Abstract   PDF (156,13 kB)
Paloma Fresno Calleja
No 8 Imposture in Decline and Fall Abstract   PDF (538,04 kB)
Manuel Megías Rosa
No 6 In a word: the importance of Shakespeare's subtexts Abstract   PDF (1,18 MB)
Lorelei Cederstrom
No 16 In memoriam : Brian Hughes Details   PDF (50,24 kB)
Enrique Alcaraz Varó
No 2 In memoriam Enrique García Díez Details   PDF (54,73 kB)
Kevin Power
No 6 Individualism and Leadership in Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Abstract   PDF (454,97 kB) (Español)
Lina Sierra Ayala
No 15 Integrating English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) skills into mainstream English courses Abstract   PDF (707,86 kB)
Purificación Sánchez Hernández, Pascual Francisco Pérez Paredes
No 22 Interlanguage studies in a cross cultural context: the interlanguage of Spanish speakers (L1) in an approach English (L2), German (L3) Abstract   PDF (419,82 kB)
Claudia Grümpel
No 11 Interpersonal communication and context accessibility in the interpretation of ironic utterances. A case study: Rastell's version of La Celestina Abstract   PDF (1,42 MB)
María Ángeles Ruiz Moneva
No 14 Interpretive use: translating intensification Abstract   PDF (874,59 kB)
Vicente López Folgado
No 20 Intertextuality in the news: the Spanish terrorist attack on March 11 Abstract   PDF (596,53 kB)
Natalia Andrea Seghezzi
No 18 Intonation focus in the interlanguage of a group of Spanish learners of English Abstract   PDF (1,23 MB)
Francisco Gutiérrez Díez
No 1 Introduction Details   PDF (128,86 kB) (Español)
Pedro Jesús Marcos Pérez
No 4 Introduction Details   PDF (303,75 kB)
Enrique Alcaraz Varó
No 5 Introduction Details   PDF (499,27 kB)
Brian Hughes
No 25 Introduction. Global Shakespeare: This Wide and Universal Theatre Details   PDF (212,8 kB)
Richard Wilson
No 30: Special Issue: English as a Contact Language: Variation and Diffusion Introduction: Gaining insights into English as a contact language and its diffusion Abstract   PDF (276,37 kB)
Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez, José A. Sánchez Fajardo
No 26 Introduction: Identity, Culture, and the Performance Paradigm Details   PDF (221,82 kB)
Silvia Caporale Bizzini, Lucia Esposito, Alessandra Ruggiero
No 31 Introduction: Reading the First World War 100 Years after Details   PDF (78,84 kB)
Sara Prieto, Nick Milne
No 11 Is relevance theory asocial? Abstract   PDF (831,59 kB)
Mark Jary
No 15 I.S.P. Nation, Learning Vocabulary in Another Language. Cambridge: CUP, 2001, 417p. Details   PDF (299,09 KB)
Raquel Fernández Carril
No 22 Issues of persuasion in academic law abstracts Abstract   PDF (157,02 kB)
Ruth Breeze
No 5 "It's stories still": Reflexiveness in Samuel Beckett's Narratives Abstract   PDF (1,65 MB) (Español)
José Ángel García Landa
No 10 J. A. Hurtley, B. Hughes, R. M. González Casademont, I. Praga y E. Aliaga. Diccionario cultural e histórico de Irlanda. Barcelona: Ariel, 1996 Details   PDF (144,01 KB)
Antonio Raúl de Toro Santos
No 5 James Joyce. "Anna Livia Plurabelle" (Finnegans Wake I.VIII). Ed. bilingüe de Francisco García Tortosa. Madrid: Cátedra, 1992, 181 pp. Details   PDF (286,37 kB) (Español)
José Carnero González
No 9 Jan Pilditch, ed. The Critical Response to Katherine Mansfield. Critical Responses in Arts and Letters. 21. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996 Details   PDF (288,71 kB)
Ana Belén López Pérez
No 7 Janet A. Kourani, James P. Sterba and Rosemarie Tong, eds. Feminist Philosophies. New York and London: Harvester-Wheatsheaf, 1992, IX + 406 pp. Details   PDF (211,05 kB)
Silvia Caporale Bizzini
No 3 John Bunyan's "Celestial City" and Oliver Cromwell's "Ideal Society" Abstract   PDF (739,17 kB)
Wendell P. MacIntyre
No 3 John Elsom, ed. Is Shakespeare Still Our Contemporary? London and New York: Routledge, 1989, 192 págs. Details   PDF (231,61 KB) (Español)
José Manuel González Fernández de Sevilla
No 8 John K. Eastman and Víctor M. Pina. Write Right. Alicante: Aguaclara, 1995, 205 pp. Details   PDF (208,66 KB)
Antonio Lillo Buades
No 19 Johnston, Bill (2003): Values in English Language Teaching. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers Details   PDF (224,31 KB)
Juan Ramón Guijarro Ojeda
No 15 Jonson, Ben (2002): Volpone. Edición bilingüe de Purificación Ribes. Madrid: Cátedra Details   PDF (316,69 KB)
Enrique Alcaraz Varó
No 3 José Carnero González. James Joyce y la explosión de la palabra: aproximación a la lectura de Finnegans Wake. Sevilla: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Sevilla, 1989, 242 pp. Details   PDF (149,06 KB) (Español)
María del Carmen África Vidal Claramonte
No 8 José Manuel González Fernández de Sevilla. El teatro de William Shakespeare hoy. Montesinos, 1993 Details   PDF (135,89 KB)
Kenneth Muir
No 3 José Manuel Oro Cabanas. Construcciones con nexos relativos en el inglés contemporáneo. Santiago de Compostela: Servicio de Publicacións e Intercambio Científico da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 1989, 147 pp. Details   PDF (161,41 KB) (Español)
María José Martínez Azorín
No 8 José María Tejedor. An Introduction to English Literature with Selected Readings. Coll. Ricardo Navarrete, chs. 7 and 8. Sevilla: Kronos, 1995, XIX + 614 Details   PDF (213,33 KB)
María Jesús Lorenzo Modia
No 19 Journalists' language awareness: inferences from writing strategies Abstract   PDF (1,75 MB)
Daniel Perrin, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow
No 3 Joven esposa Abstract   PDF (100,96 kB)
David Herbert Lawrence, Tomás Ramos Orea
No 16 Jussawalla, Feroza (2003): Chiffon Saris. Toronto: TSAR Publications, 92 pages. Details   PDF (160,10 KB)
Silvia Caporale Bizzini
No 4 Keys for an investigation into the origins of the communicative methodology in language teaching Abstract   PDF (811,93 kB)
Aquilino Sánchez Pérez
No 31 "Knowing you will understand”: The Usage of Poetry as a Historical Source about the Experience of the First World War Abstract   PDF (114,7 kB)
Julia Ribeiro S C Thomaz
No 7 Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove: desire and the fragmenting of character Abstract   PDF (1,07 MB)
Luis Miguel García Mainar
No 10 L2 perception of English vowels: testing the validity of Kuhl's prototypes Abstract   PDF (787,56 kB)
María Luisa García Lecumberri, Jasone Cenoz Iragui
No 24 La comunicación escrita en el siglo XXI, Quaderns de Filologia, Estudis Lingüistics Vol. XVI, Nicolás Estévez, José Ramón Gómez and María Carbonell, The University of Valencia, 2011 Details   PDF (90,39 KB)
Francisca González Arias
No 8 La presencia ausente: perspectivas interdisciplinares de la posmodernidad. Ed. Román Álvarez Rodríguez. Cáceres: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Extremadura, 1994, 192 pp. Details   PDF (207,02 KB)
Ovidio Carbonell
No 8 Language contact and language change: the Danes in England Abstract   PDF (728,23 kB)
Isabel Moskowich-Spiegel Fandiño
No 30: Special Issue: English as a Contact Language: Variation and Diffusion Language contact in Gibraltar English: A pilot study with ICE-GBR Abstract   PDF (513,07 kB)
Lucía Loureiro-Porto, Cristina Suárez-Gómez
No 12 Language learner autonomy in practice: possibilities in a foreign language situation Abstract   PDF (754,67 kB)
Ana María Bocanegra Valle, Anton Haidl Dietlmeier
No 10 Language transfer: interlingual errors in Spanish students of English as a foreign language Abstract   PDF (337,62 kB)
María Rosa Alonso Alonso
No 1 Lawrence and Nature: a Synesthetic Empathy Abstract   PDF (668,06 kB)
José Mateo Martínez
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