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No 3 Félix Rodríguez González, et al. Comunicación y lenguaje juvenil. Madrid: Instituto de Estudios Juan Gil Albert-Editorial Fundamentos, 1989, 333 pp. Details   PDF (233,01 KB) (Español)
María José Martínez Azorín
No 4 Félix Rodríguez González. Prensa y lenguaje político. Madrid: Fundamentos; Alicante: Instituto de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert, 1991, 308 pp. Details   PDF (208,72 KB)
Pamela Stoll Dougall
No 6 Female flânerie in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage Abstract   PDF (372,3 kB)
Pilar Hidalgo Andreu
No 16 Fernández Álvarez; M. Pilar and Antón Teodoro Manrique (2002): Antología de la literatura nórdica antigua. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad Details   PDF (155,47 KB)
Jose Ramon Belda-Medina
No 8 Fictional self-consciousness in Robert Coover's Pricksongs and Descants Abstract   PDF (1,03 MB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
No 22 Fight metaphors in Spain’s presidential speeches: J.L. Rodríguez Zapatero (2004-2007) Abstract   PDF (223,59 kB)
María Josefa Hellín García
No 2 Five Poems by Derek Mahon Abstract   PDF (413,82 kB) (Español)
Derek Mahon, Ana Eiroa Guillén, Brian Hughes
No 17 "Flashing into the crystal mirror" : the recurrence of the mirror motif in three Arthurian works Abstract   PDF (144,58 kB)
Carmen Lara Rallo
No 21 Flys Junquera, Carmen and Maurice A. Lee eds. 2007. Family Reflections. The Contemporary American Family in the Arts. Alcalá de Henares: Servicio de Publicaciones de la UA. 340 pp. Details   PDF (35,38 KB)
M. Teresa González Mínguez
No 17 Forgiven, not Forgotten: Communicative Translation Activities in Second Language Teaching Abstract   PDF (1,60 MB)
J. Igor Prieto Arranz
No 25 Former Slaves on the Move: The Plantation Household, the White House, and the Postwar South as Spaces of Transit in Elizabeth Keckley’s Behind the Scenes Abstract   PDF (360,08 kB)
Laura Gimeno Pahissa
No 5 Fragments of an unfinished play: a vernal play Abstract   PDF (293,26 kB)
J.M. Synge, Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 10 Francis Bacon and Jacobean legitimation Abstract   PDF (1,36 MB)
José María Rodríguez García
No 7 Francis Bacon's use of ancient myths in Novum Organum Abstract   PDF (693 kB)
Wendell P. MacIntyre
No 5 Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles. Eternal Shadows: Symbolism in the Theatre of W. B. Yeats. Alicante: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, 1992, 122 pp. Details   PDF (216,71 kB)
Brian Hughes
No 9 From emotional orphanhood to cultural orphanhood: spiritual death and re-birth in two novels by Tony Morrison Abstract   PDF (606,01 kB)
Susana Vega González
No 27 From pathology to invisibility: age identity as a cultural construct in vampire fiction Abstract   PDF (133,69 kB)
Marta Miquel-Baldellou
No 14 From the cognitive to the pragmatic: the scientist as communicator Abstract   PDF (728,26 kB)
Carmen Pérez-Llantada Auría
No 16 From the monologic eye to healing polyphonies : dialogic re/vision in native American narratives Abstract   PDF (138,01 kB)
Silvia Martínez Falquina
No 25 From ‘Imitation’ to ‘Indigenization’: A Study of Shakespeare Performances in Colonial Calcutta Abstract   PDF (554,42 kB)
Vikram Singh Thakur
No 25 Gallivanting Round the Globe: Translating National Identities in Henry V Abstract   PDF (271,86 kB)
Vicent Montalt Resurrección, Pilar Ezpeleta Piorno, Miguel Teruel Pozas
No 14 García Lecumberri, M. Luisa & John A. Maidment. English Transcription Course. London: Arnold, 2000 Details   PDF (157,25 KB)
Pablo Domínguez
No 17 García Velasco, Daniel: Funcionalismo y Lingüística: La gramática funcional de S.C. Dik. Oviedo: Servicio de Publicaciones, 295 p. Details   PDF (176,63 KB)
María Martínez Lirola
No 6 Garp's Syndrome Abstract   PDF (827,66 kB) (Español)
Manuel González de la Aleja Barberán
No 15 Generic multiplicity in Alasdair Gray's Lanark: a life in 4 books Abstract   PDF (1,08 MB)
Luis de Juan Hatchard
No 20 Genre and ideology in Woody Allen's Another Woman (1988) Abstract   PDF (348,5 kB)
Beatriz Oria Gómez
No 14 Genre and translation Abstract   PDF (1,92 MB)
Christoph Unger
No 22 Gerardo Rodríguez Salas. 2009. Katherine Mansfield: el posmodernismo incipiente de una modernista renegada. Madrid: Editorial Verbum. 280pp. Details   PDF (86,10 KB)
Laura Monrós Gaspar
No 29 Getting it All in the Right Order: the Love Plot, Trauma and Ethical Uncertainty in Rachel Seiffert’s Afterwards Abstract   PDF (195,25 kB)
Andrew Monnickendam
No 19 GHD advertising campaign across cultures. A case study Abstract   PDF (1,5 MB)
Stefania M. Maci
No 22 Gibert Maceda, Teresa y Laura Alba Juez. Coord. 2008. Estudios de Filología Inglesa. Homenaje a la Dra. Asunción Alba Pelayo. UNED: Varia Details   PDF (96,87 KB)
Isabel Balteiro
No 22 Going against the grain in literary studies: an analysis of boosters, hedges and other rhetorical strategies in The Pilgrimage of Dorothy Richardson by Joanne Winning Abstract   PDF (138,35 kB)
María Francisca Llantada Díaz
No 5 Gordon McMullan and Jonathan Hope, eds. The Politics of Tragicomedy: Shakespeare and After. London: Routledge, 1992, 212 págs. Details   PDF (139,16 kB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
No 17 Görlach, M (ed.) (2001): A Dictionary of European Anglicisms. Oxford, Oxford University Press. 351 p. $170. Details   PDF (403,69 KB)
Elisabetta Zoni
No 10 Grammar: relevance-theoretic concerns Abstract   PDF (823,35 kB)
Francisco Yus Ramos
No 31 Great War Games: Notes on Collective Memory, the Adynaton, and Posthumanism Abstract   PDF (748,56 kB)
Iro Filippaki
No 7 Gregory Comnes. The Ethics of Indeterminacy in the Novels of William Gaddis. Gainesville: UP of Florida, 1994, 188 pp. Details   PDF (184,09 kB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
No 3 Greil Marcus. Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1989, 496 pp. Details   PDF (139,95 KB)
María del Carmen África Vidal Claramonte
No 6 Hayden White. Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1973, 448 pp.; Hayden White. The Content of the Form: Narrative Discourse and Historical Representation. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1987, 244 pp. Details   PDF (138,54 kB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
No 5 Heaney's poetic mind and practice: from "Feeling into words" to "The government of the tongue" and "The redress of poetry" Abstract   PDF (417,67 kB)
Pilar Abad García
No 24 Henry, Gordon D. Jr. Stories Through Theories. Theories Through Stories. North American Indian Writing, Storytelling, and Critique. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2009. 327 pp. Details   PDF (172,25 KB)
M. Teresa González Mínguez
No 16 Hiromi Goto's Chorus of Mushrooms : cultural difference, visibility and the Canadian tradition Abstract   PDF (186,28 kB)
Eva Darias Beautell
No 25 History and Poetry in William Shakespeare’s Lucrece Abstract   PDF (243,91 kB)
Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney
No 19 "Honourable Bigotry"? Relevance theory, conversation analysis and radio talk-backs Abstract   PDF (1,32 MB)
Stephen Pattemore
No 17 Horobin, Simon & Jeremy Smith (2002): An Introduction to Middle English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, viii + 182 p. Price: paperback: £10.99, hardback: £35. Details   PDF (239,91 KB)
M.F. Litzler
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law How Common is the Common Law? Some Differences and Similarities in British and American Superior Court Decisions Abstract   PDF (449,4 kB)
Marion Charret Del-Bove, Laurence Francoz-Terminal
No 30: Special Issue: English as a Contact Language: Variation and Diffusion How VIPs and IT-professionals behave in Russian. The use of loan abbreviations in Russian analytical composites Abstract   PDF (376,71 kB)
Elizaveta Tarasova
No 6 I, easy philosopher: who is Andrew Marvell's Upon Appleton House really about? Abstract   PDF (537,02 kB)
Bill Phillips
No 29 iCap: Intralingual Captioning for Writing and Vocabulary Enhancement Abstract   PDF (359,26 kB)
Noa Talaván, Jennifer Lertola, Tomás Costal
No 25 Identity in Shakespeare Abstract   PDF (193,31 kB)
Jay L. Halio
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