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No 15 Blending versus conceptual interaction in the construction of illocutionary meaning: counterfactual pieces of advice Abstract   PDF (727,25 kB)
Lorena Pérez Hernández
No 9 Blurring focalization: psychological expansions of point of view and modality Abstract   PDF (1,78 MB)
Joaquín Martínez Lorente
No 24: Special Issue: Words on words and dictionaries Book notice: a new book of Germanic, Jewish, Romance and Slavic linguistic interest Details   PDF (150,08 kB)
Revista alicantina de estudios ingleses
No 2 Books, pens and pencils: the trials of a Victorian youth Abstract   PDF (583,67 kB)
Chantal Cornut-Gentille D'Arcy
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English Border studies : an annotated list of cultural and academic web sources Abstract   PDF (121,49 kB)
María Dueñas Vinuesa
No 24: Special Issue: Words on words and dictionaries Born under a Million Shadows, by Andrea Busfield. London: Black Swan, 2009 Details   PDF (100,87 KB)
Bill Phillips
No 9 Breaking moulds, smashing mirrors: the intertextual dynamics of D.H. Lawrence's "The Lovely Lady" Abstract   PDF (794,19 kB)
Conchita Díez Medrano
No 5: Special Issue: Modern Anglo-Irish literature Brian Friel: two recent "translations". The London Vertigo and A Month in the Country Abstract   PDF (767,43 kB)
Elmer Andrews
No 10 Brian Hollingworth. Maria Edgeworth's Irish Writing. Language, History, Politics. New York and London: Macmillan, 1997 Details   PDF (389,73 KB)
Pilar Campos Pardillos
No 15 Brooker, Jewel S. (ed.) T.S. Eliot and Our Turning World. Macmillan Press: Basingstoke and London, 2001. 238 pp. Details   PDF (194,31 KB)
M. Teresa González Mínguez
No 34: Special Issue: English Medium Instruction (EMI) Teacher Training in Higher Education Building on International Good Practices and Experimenting with Different Teaching Methods to Address Local Training Needs: The Academic Lecturing Experience Abstract   PDF
Elena Borsetto, Ada Bier
No 25: Special Issue: Global Shakespeare Building Partnerships and Fostering Activities to Promote English Outside the Classroom Abstract   PDF (223,98 kB)
Ángel Raluy Alonso
No 23: Special Issue: Research on Teaching in English Busfield, Andrea. Born. Under a Million Shadows. London: Black Swan, 2009 Details   PDF (226,44 KB)
Bill Phillips
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies Camoufl-Ages: Body Assemblages at the Time of the Apocalypse Abstract   PDF (296,09 kB)
Giuseppina Botta
No 17 Can pronunciation be taught? A review of research and implications for teaching Abstract   PDF (132,66 kB)
Darío Barrera Pardo
No 5: Special Issue: Modern Anglo-Irish literature Cándido Pérez Gallego. Literatura norteamericana: una visión crítica. Madrid: Palas Atenea, 1992, 467 págs. Details   PDF (148,1 kB) (Español)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
No 15 Cándido Pérez Gallego: thirty-five years of fruitful scholarship in English studies Details   PDF (373,6 kB)
Enrique Alcaraz Varó
No 10 Case assignment in double object constructions Abstract   PDF (588,19 kB)
Elisa Vázquez Iglesias
No 3 "Cat in the rain": A Symbolic and Narrative Prelude in Ernest Hemingway's Work Abstract   PDF (599,9 kB) (Español)
José Manuel Barrio Marco
No 6 Categories, morphological features, and slang in the graffiti of a United States Western University Abstract   PDF (845,18 kB)
Manuel Breva Claramonte, José Ignacio García Alonso
No 18 Celebrating slang and unconventional English, once again: an interview with Terry Victor Details   PDF (736,74 kB)
Antonio Lillo Buades
No 6 Ch. F. Meyer. Apposition in Contemporary English. Studies in English Language. Cambridge. Cambridge UP, 1992, xiv + 152 pp. Details   PDF (478,09 KB)
Javier Pérez Guerra
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law Changing with the Times: The Evolution of Plain Language in the Legal Sphere Abstract   PDF (171,18 kB)
Christopher Williams
No 33: Special Issue: English Literary Studies Today: From Theory to Activism Chaos in the Ivory Tower: Postcolonial Representations of the Nigerian Academic Elite in Esiaba Irobi’s Cemetery Road and Ojo Rasaki Bakare’s Once Upon a Tower Abstract   PDF
Nurudeen Adeshina Lawal
No 7 Characteristics of apposition in The Great Gatsby Abstract   PDF (674,74 kB)
Elena Seoane Posse
No 10 Charles Bernheimer (ed.), Comparative Literature in the Age of Multiculturalism, Baltimore & Londres, The John Hopkins University Press ("Parallax; Re-visions of Culture and Society"), 1995, 207 pp. Details   PDF (225,04 KB)
Santiago Navarro Pastor
No 12 Charles Brockden Brown's Wieland or, fiction as an instrument of salvation in post-revolutionary America Abstract   PDF (1,04 MB)
Carme Manuel Cuenca
No 10 Charles Dickens. Hard Times. Intr., glossary, and notes by Adolfo Luis Soto Vázquez. La Coruña: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de La Coruña, 1996 Details   PDF (147,78 KB)
José Antonio Álvarez Amorós
No 18 Charles Dickens makes fun of idiolects in Martin Chuzzlewit Abstract   PDF (852,26 kB)
Adolfo Luis Soto Vázquez
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching Chica desconocida en una maternidad Abstract   PDF (126,11 kB) (Español)
Anne Sexton, J.I. Oliva
No 7 Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry: B.S. Johnson's oppositional discourse of unbelief Abstract   PDF (830,45 kB)
Brian Crews
No 18 Clare, Janet. Drama of the English Republic 1649-1660, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002. xix-+311 pp. Details   PDF (223,66 KB)
José Manuel González Fernández de Sevilla
No 33: Special Issue: English Literary Studies Today: From Theory to Activism Classrooms Without Closets: LGBTIQ+ Cinema in University Education Abstract   PDF
Juan José Bermúdez de Castro
No 3 Clerics and courtly love in Andreas Capellanus' The Art of Courtly Love and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Abstract   PDF (651,43 kB)
Andrew Williams
No 25: Special Issue: Global Shakespeare CLIL in the Foreign Language Classroom: Proposal of a Framework for ICT Materials Design in Language-Oriented Versions of Content and Language Integrated Learning Abstract   PDF (308,4 kB)
Almudena Fernández Fontecha
No 22: Special issue: Persuasive discours Coetzee, J.M (2007). Diary of a Bad Year. London. Harvill Secker. 231 pp. Details   PDF (102,19 kB)
José Celestino Nóbrega Correia
No 15 Cognitive semantics and axiology: a new proposal to study metaphor in economics advertising discourse Abstract   PDF (587,98 kB)
María Enriqueta Cortés de los Ríos
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Coming out of the closet "six feet under": textual silences and the social construction of the family stage in the obituary genres Abstract   PDF (1,15 MB)
Isabel Corona Marzol
No 11: Special Issue: Relevance Theory Communication in relevance theory Abstract   PDF (1,05 MB)
Nathalie Franken
No 11: Special Issue: Relevance Theory Communication, information, and relevance Abstract   PDF (487,88 kB)
Fernando García Murga
No 24: Special Issue: Words on words and dictionaries Conceptual metaphors in taboo-induced lexical variation Abstract   PDF (430,37 kB)
Eliecer Crespo Fernández
No 17 Consciousness as creative force and prison cell in Nabokov's "Mademoiselle O" Abstract   PDF (103,5 kB)
Claus-Peter Neumann
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching Consuelo Montes Granado. D. H. Lawrence: el dialecto en sus novelas. Salamanca: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Salamanca, 1990, 115 pp. Details   PDF (200,05 KB) (Español)
Antonio Rodríguez Celada
No 30: Special Issue: English as a Contact Language: Variation and Diffusion Contact-induced variation in clausal verb complementation: the case of REGRET in World Englishes Abstract   PDF (453,77 kB)
Raquel P. Romasanta
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching Content-based teaching: a methodological approach Abstract   PDF (459,08 kB)
Fernanda Rodríguez Torras
No 7 Contextual deletion of object and ambiguity in machine translation Abstract   PDF (609,33 kB)
Gloria Álvarez Benito, José Gabriel de Amores Carredano
No 38 Contradictions and Regularities in Webster’s Works Abstract   PDF
Virginia Meirelles
No 23: Special Issue: Research on Teaching in English Corpus linguistics and its aplications in higher education Abstract   PDF (972,9 kB)
Miguel Fuster Márquez, Begoña Clavel Arroitia
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Critical discourse analysis as an analytical resource for cultural studies: exploring the discursive construction of subject positions in British men's magazines' problem pages Abstract   PDF (1,32 MB)
Eduardo de Gregorio Godeo
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Critical discourse analysis of the Iraq conflict in the British and German 'quality' press Abstract   PDF (1,65 MB)
Una Dirks
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