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No 16 Welsh writting and postcoloniality : the strategic use of the Blodeuwedd myth in Emyr Humphreys's novels Abstract   PDF (168,13 kB)
Diane Green
No 13 Wharton, Edith. La carta, 1999. Selection, translation and epilogue by Teresa Gómez Reus. Barcelona: Clásicos del Bronce. 176 págs. Details   PDF (324,03 KB)
María Dolores Martínez Reventós
No 18 What may words say, or what may words not say. A corpus-based approach to linguistic action Abstract   PDF (1,47 MB)
Monserrat Martínez Vázquez
No 18 "What then?": poststructuralism, authorial intention and W. B. Yeats Abstract   PDF (817,96 kB)
Brendan McNamee
No 14 What's in a title? A cognitive approach to the role played by translated text labels and (un)adapted semiotic elements Abstract   PDF (1,2 MB)
Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu
No 11 When is relevance? On the role of salience in utterance interpretation Abstract   PDF (649,72 kB)
Rachel Giora
No 21 Why are you late?: cross-cultural pragmatic study of complaints in American English and Ukrainian Abstract   PDF (186,09 kB)
Iryna Prykarpatska
No 4 Why listening to English is difficult for Spanish students Abstract   PDF (925,1 kB)
John Kendall Eastman Curtis
No 12 William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury: the status of the popular in modernism Abstract   PDF (994,47 kB)
Luis Miguel García Mainar
No 15 William Godwin's place in eighteenth century memoir writing: the example of the Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft Abstract   PDF (767,85 kB)
Eva María Pérez Rodríguez
No 8 William Shakespeare. Titus Andronicus. Ed. Jonathan Bate. The Third Edition of the Arden Shakespeare. London: Routledge, 1995. William Shakespeare. Antony and Cleopatra. Ed. John Wilders. The Third Edition of the Arden Shakespeare. London: Routledge, 1995. William Shakespeare. King Henry V. Ed. T. W. Craik. The Third Edition of the Arden Shakespeare. London: Routledge, 1995 Details   PDF (209,04 KB)
José Manuel González Fernández de Sevilla
No 29 Women Entrapment and Flight in Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” Abstract   PDF (132,01 kB)
Azra Ghandeharion, Milad Mazari
No 27 Women in Nabokov’s Russian novels Abstract   PDF (177,23 kB)
Nailya Garipova Castellano
No 24 Words and patterns: lexico-grammatical patterns and semantic relations in domain-specific discourses Abstract   PDF (404,84 kB)
Concepción Orna-Montesinos
No 10 Writers, novels and banyan trees: notes on Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy Abstract   PDF (530,81 kB)
José Francisco Fernández Sánchez
No 5 "Writing out of one's own experience": an interview with James Plunkett Details   PDF (677,73 kB)
Rosa María González Casademont
No 22 Writing with conviction: the use of boosters in modelling persuasion in academic discourses Abstract   PDF (207,31 kB)
Ignacio Vázquez Orta, Diana Giner
No 8 Yeats's evolution from The Shadowy Waters to At the Hawk's Well Abstract   PDF (770,6 kB)
Ángel Pérez Vázquez
No 7 Youth and student slang in British and American English: an annotated bibliography Abstract   PDF (674,51 kB)
Félix Rodríguez González
No 29 “Childhood Cuts Festered and Never Scabbed Over”: Child Abuse in Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child Abstract   PDF (215,02 kB)
Manuela López Ramírez
No 25 “Decipher its noises for us”: Understanding Sycorax’s Island in Marina Warner’s Indigo Abstract   PDF (276,24 kB)
Erin M. Presley
No 25 “Enfranchised” Language in Mulcaster’s Elementarie and Shakespeare’s Henry V Abstract   PDF (237,64 kB)
Alice Leonard
No 26 “Go where the Love Is”: Failed Emotional Negotiations of Space and Identity in Tessa McWatt's This Body Abstract   PDF (265,18 kB)
Elena Igartuburu García
No 26 “I am not one of his followers”: The Rewriting of the Cultural Icon of the Virgin in Colm Tóibín’s The Testament of Mary Abstract   PDF (262,17 kB)
José Carregal Romero
No 31 “Ireland first”: The Great War in the Irish Juvenile Press Abstract   PDF (255,4 kB)
Elena Ogliari
No 32 “Para Hacer un Buen Reentry es Esencial que te Salga Bien el Bottom Primero” – The Presence of English in Portuguese and Spanish Surf Talk Abstract   PDF (381,76 kB)
Anton Granvik
No 31 “Prefer not, eh?”: Re-Scribing the Lives of the Great War Poets in Contemporary British Historical Fiction Abstract   PDF (141,45 kB)
María Cristina Pividori
No 26 “Scealcas of sceaðum scirmæled swyrd”: Analysing Judith’s Language and style in translation through a key sample case (161b-166a) and a twin coda (23 & 230) Abstract   PDF (335,34 kB)
Jorge Luis Bueno Alonso
No 31 “Seducers of the people”: Mapping the Linguistic Shift Abstract   PDF (1,19 MB)
Fiona Houston
No 31 “Sons of Two Empires”: The Idea of Nationhood in Anzac and Turkish Poems of the Gallipoli Campaign Abstract   PDF (141,42 kB)
Burcin Cakir, Berkan Ulu
No 25 “The Answer a Philosopher Gives Determines the Entire Shape of his Metaphysics”: The Influence of Plato and Descartes on Rebecca Goldstein’s The Mind-Body Problem Abstract   PDF (259,95 kB)
Gustavo Sánchez Canales
No 25 “The drops which fell from Shakespear’s Pen”: Hamlet in Contemporary Fiction Abstract   PDF (258,86 kB)
Patrick Gill
No 31 “The road bare and white”: Hemingway, Europe and the Artifice of Ritualised Space Abstract   PDF (248,28 kB)
Fraser David Mann
No 27 “Things which don’t shift and grow are dead things”: Revisiting Betonie’s Waste-Lands in Leslie Silko’s Ceremony Abstract   PDF (146,54 kB)
Anna M. Brígido-Corachán
No 25 “Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth”: Shakespeare’s Authority in José Carlos Somoza’s El cebo (The Bait) Abstract   PDF (272,88 kB)
Ángel Luis Pujante Álvarez-Castellanos
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