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No 32: Special Issue: The Language of Sport and Adventure Tourism The Language of Dragon Boating in Hong Kong and Singapore Abstract   PDF (238,45 kB)
Mark Brooke
No 2 The Linguistic Precepts of the Royal Society and their Influence in Henry Fielding's Language Abstract   PDF (1,12 MB) (Español)
Román Álvarez Rodríguez
No 18 The manipulative power of word-formation devices in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake Abstract   PDF (1,2 MB)
Paula López Rúa
No 27 The Medical Recipes in the Antidotary in GUL MS Hunter 513 (ff. 37v–96v) Abstract   PDF (148,11 kB)
Teresa Marqués-Aguado
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English The military in Nigeria's postcolonial literature : an overview Abstract   PDF (151,58 kB)
Adeoti Gbemisola
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies The Mystory: The Garage D'Or of Ereignis Abstract   PDF (602,08 kB)
Barry Jason Mauer
No 7 The narrative function of Kilgore Trout and his fictional works in Slaughterhouse-Five Abstract   PDF (518,09 kB)
Jesús Lerate de Castro
No 15 The Philomathian Society and political debate in late Eighteenth Century England Abstract   PDF (784,6 kB)
José Francisco Pérez Berenguel
No 11: Special Issue: Relevance Theory The possible place of relevance theory in a cognitive explanation of literature Abstract   PDF (1,39 MB)
José Luis Guijarro Morales
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies The Postcolonial Writer in Performance: J. M. Coetzee’s Summertime Abstract   PDF (337,56 kB)
Serena Guarracino
No 13 The power of words in Denisa Chavez's Face of an Angel Abstract   PDF (392,3 kB)
Amaia Ibarrarán Bigalondo
No 13 The pragmatic function of theme: the case of the conditional subordinates Abstract   PDF (1,01 MB)
Rosa Lorés Sanz
No 2 The Relationship between Henry and William James and its Repercussions on the Novelist's Work Abstract   PDF (956,08 kB) (Español)
María Antonia Álvarez Calleja
No 20 The relationship between the typical errors in the translation of business idioms and their lexicographical treatment Abstract   PDF (505,16 kB)
Esther Fraile Vicente
No 13 The reporting verbs and bias in the press Abstract   PDF (620,16 kB)
Alan Floyd Moore
No 13 The representation of chivalry in The Knight's Tale Abstract   PDF (863,62 kB)
Jordi Sánchez Martí
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies The Risky In-betweenness of Performing Audiences Abstract   PDF (278,93 kB)
Carmela Maria Laudando
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media The role of metaphor, metonymy, and conceptual blending in understanding advertisements: the case of drug-prevention ads Abstract   PDF (2,36 MB)
Javier Herrero Ruiz
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching The role of morphology in the process of language acquisition and learning Abstract   PDF (689,79 kB)
Joaquín A. Domínguez Martínez
No 22: Special issue: Persuasive discours The role of pictorial metaphor in magazine advertising Abstract   PDF (853,38 kB)
Victoria Martín de la Rosa
No 33: Special Issue: English Literary Studies Today: From Theory to Activism The Role of the Critic. A Critical Review of Evelyn Gajowski, ed. 2020. The Arden Research Handbook of Contemporary Shakespeare Criticism. London: Bloomsbury. 392 pp. ISBN: 978-1-3500-9322-5 Abstract   PDF
Timo Uotinen
No 3 The Royal Hunt of the Sun: Peter Shaffer and the quest for God Abstract   PDF (607,41 kB)
Maite de Ituarte
No 7 The Second Coming Details   PDF (58,87 kB)
William Butler Yeats, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 20 The social status of /h/ in English Abstract   PDF (385,39 kB)
Ignacio Murillo López
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies The Spectral Evidence of Photography in Rachel Seiffert’s The Dark Room: An Album of Fractured Lives Abstract   PDF (255,56 kB)
María Jesús Martínez Alfaro
No 6 The symbol made text: Charles Palliser's postmodernist re-writing of Dickens in The Quincunx Abstract   PDF (670,67 kB)
Susana Onega Jaén
No 17 "The taint of a fault" : purgatory, relativism and humanism in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" Abstract   PDF (111,54 kB)
Bill Phillips
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English The thematic tradition in black British literature and its poetic representation Abstract   PDF (135,47 kB)
Carolina Fernández Rodríguez
No 14: Special Issue: Pragmatics and Translation The transference of discourse values in translation via lexis: obscene language as a case in point Abstract   PDF (1,39 MB)
María Jesús Pérez Quintero, Carmen Toledano Buendía
No 14: Special Issue: Pragmatics and Translation The translatability of metaphor in LSP: application of a decision-making model Abstract   PDF (1,26 MB)
Pedro Antonio Fuertes Olivera, Marisol Velasco Sacristán
No 3 The Translation of Black English and Black Northamerican Slang Abstract   PDF (663,5 kB) (Español)
Marta Mateo Martínez-Bartolomé
No 2 The Truthfullness of the Prologue and the Epilogues to the Recuyell: Keys to a Biographic Interpretation of W. Caxton Abstract   PDF (919,28 kB) (Español)
Miguel Fuster Márquez
No 5: Special Issue: Modern Anglo-Irish literature The unappeasable hunger for land in John B. Keane's The Field Abstract   PDF (507,53 kB)
Rosa María González Casademont
No 12 The un-Trollopian Trollope: some notes on the Barsetshire novels Abstract   PDF (1,16 MB)
Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez
No 1 The Use of Collage and Assemblage in Donald Barthelme's Stories Abstract   PDF (463,14 kB) (Español)
Teresa Gómez Reus
No 15 The use of discourse markers in E.F.L. learners' writing Abstract   PDF (639,47 kB)
Ana Cristina Lahuerta Martínez
No 12 The use of You and Thou in The Two Gentlemen of Verona Abstract   PDF (650,19 kB)
Francisco Javier Díaz Pérez
No 13 The "wooden substitute" in Graham Swift's The Son, or the futher step in the de-familiarizing transition from modernism to postmodernism Abstract   PDF (1,05 MB)
Juan Jesús Aguilar Osuna
No 35: Theatre and Performance Studies in English Theatre and Performance Studies in English: An Introduction Abstract   PDF
Isabel Guerrero Llorente, Verónica Rodríguez
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies This Is a Man's World: Drag Kings and the Female Embodiment of Masculinity Abstract   PDF (276,38 kB)
Asunción Aragón Varo
No 25: Special Issue: Global Shakespeare This Is, and Is Not, Shakespeare: A Japanese-Korean Transformation of Othello Abstract   PDF (216,41 kB)
Emi Hamana
No 7 Thomas Nelson Page's "No Haid Pawn": the gothic horror of the southern plantation Abstract   PDF (533,83 kB)
Carme Manuel Cuenca
No 7 Timothy Findley's war novels Abstract   PDF (391,94 kB)
José Antonio Zabalbeascoa Bilbao
No 12 Tiresias and the Basilisk: vision and madness in Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling Abstract   PDF (1,02 MB)
Andrew Stott
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English To voice or not to voice the Tasmanian Aborigines : novels by Matthew Kneale and Richard Flanagan Abstract   PDF (122,53 kB)
Celia Margaret Wallhead Salway
No 18 Toni Morrison's "Love" and the trickster paradigm Abstract   PDF (1,06 MB)
Susana Vega González
No 21: Special Issue: New trends in cross-cultural communication Towards a rhetoric of cross-cultural identity Abstract   PDF (136,3 kB)
Jonathan P.A. Sell
No 10 Towards a typological classification of linguistic borrowing (illustrated with anglicisms in Romance languages) Abstract   PDF (927,27 kB)
Juan Gómez Capuz
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Towards an analysis of academic weblogs Abstract   PDF (1,13 MB)
Keith Stuart
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Tracing context in the discourse of the media: features of language-in-use in the British press Abstract   PDF (1,32 MB)
María José González Rodríguez
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