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No 10 Ronald Carter and John McRae. The Routledge History of Literature in English: Britain and Ireland. Fwd. Malcolm Bradbury. London and New York: Routledge, 1997 Details   PDF (144,01 KB)
María Jesús Lorenzo Modia
No 11: Special Issue: Relevance Theory Roots of miscommunication Abstract   PDF (706,17 kB)
Elena Schmitt
No 8 Rose Petterson. Nadine Gordimer's One Story of a State Apart. Stockholm: Uppsala University, 1995 Details   PDF (159,48 KB)
John Douglas Sanderson Pastor
No 24: Special Issue: Words on words and dictionaries Routes for development in the pragmaticalization of sorry as a formulaic marker Abstract   PDF (333,42 kB)
Clara Molina
No 6 Rule-breaking and meaning-making in Edward Lear Abstract   PDF (606,49 kB)
Diane Ponterotto
No 32: Special Issue: The Language of Sport and Adventure Tourism Running in French: A Question of Performance Abstract   PDF (343,94 kB)
Aliénor Jeandidier
No 7 Samuel Richardson's presence and absence in Spain Abstract   PDF (813,82 kB)
Eterio Pajares Infante
No 34: English Medium Instruction (EMI) Teacher Training in Higher Education Sánchez-Pérez, María del Mar, ed. 2020. Teacher Training for English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education. IGI Global. 447 pp. ISBN: 9781799823186 Abstract   PDF
Vicent Beltrán-Palanques
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English Schwarlz, Anja (2001). The (im)possibilities of machine translation. Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main. 323 pages. Details   PDF (251,31 KB)
Silvia Borrás Giner
No 20 Scientific writing: following Robert Boyle's principles in experimental essays -1704 and 1998 Abstract   PDF (2,21 MB)
Inés Lareo Martín, Ana Montoya Reyes
No 14: Special Issue: Pragmatics and Translation Searching for some relevance answers to the problems raised by the translation of irony Abstract   PDF (2,71 MB)
María Ángeles Ruiz Moneva
No 13 Searching for the source: Neil Gunn's Highland River Abstract   PDF (585,27 kB)
David Clark Mitchell
No 23: Special Issue: Research on Teaching in English Self-assessment based on language learning outcomes: a study with first year engineering students Abstract   PDF (885,24 kB)
Pilar Durán Escribano, Joana Pierce McMahon
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching Self-assessment in second language teaching: journals Abstract   PDF (777,72 kB)
María José Martínez Azorín
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching Sendebar: Boletín de la Escuela Universitaria de Traductores e Intérpretes de Granada. 1 (1990), 98 pp. Details   PDF (143,36 kB) (Español)
Miguel Ángel Campos Pardillos
No 6 Sentence connexion and global text structures: a case study of a political text, English leader article Abstract   PDF (950,11 kB)
Dieter Stein, Adriana Mattei
No 9 Sequence and hierarchy in discourse organization Abstract   PDF (597,35 kB)
Pamela Stoll Dougall
No 24: Special Issue: Words on words and dictionaries Sergio Maruenda-Bataller and Begoña Clavel-Arroitia (eds.) (2011): Multiple Voices in Academic and Professional Discourse: Current Issues in Specialised Language Research, Teaching and New Technologies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 673 pages. Details   PDF (113,22 KB)
María Ángeles Ruiz Moneva
No 23: Special Issue: Research on Teaching in English Setting and agenda for English for academic and professional purposes in Spain Abstract   PDF (389,85 kB)
Keith Stuart, Ana Botella Trelis
No 12 Seventeenth-century prose fiction by English women writers: primary sources and recent studies (1977-97) Abstract   PDF (844,75 kB)
Jorge Figueroa Dorrego
No 33: Special Issue: English Literary Studies Today: From Theory to Activism Shakespeare for Revolution: From Canon to Activism in V for Vendetta and Sons of Anarchy Abstract   PDF
Maria Consuelo Forés Rossell
No 14: Special Issue: Pragmatics and Translation Shakespeare's use of malapropisms and their translation into Spanish Abstract   PDF (1,21 MB)
Adolfo Luis Soto Vázquez
No 25: Special Issue: Global Shakespeare Shakespeare: Revising and Re-visioning Abstract   PDF (217,32 kB)
Janet Clare
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law Shakespeare’s Legal Wit: Evolution of the Translation of Shakespeare’s Legal Puns into Spanish from the 20th to the 21st Century Abstract   PDF (144,78 kB)
José Manuel Rodríguez Herrera
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Siles Artes, José (2006): Antología bilingüe de la poesía angloamericana (Siglos XIV-XX). Ajuntament de L'Eliana (Valencia): La Torre del Virrey. 226 pp. Details   PDF (220,51 KB)
Enrique Alcaraz Varó
No 17 Sites of memory, sites of mourning and history : Danticat's insights into the past Abstract   PDF (91,58 kB)
Susana Vega González
No 8 Sociolinguistic bibliography on "code-switching" Details   PDF (232,4 kB)
Consuelo Montes Granado
No 17 Some developments in the semantics of the English progressive from old English to early modern English Abstract   PDF (148,24 kB)
Paloma Núñez Pertejo
No 20 Some English names of clothing ending in -wear Details   PDF (194,53 kB)
David L. Gold
No 9 Some problems about the learning of the English language in 19th c. Spain: philological notes referring to an unpublished collection of letters Abstract   PDF (619,98 kB)
Mar Vilar García
No 8 Some reflections on the analysis of discourse and dramatic text: Stoppard's Jumpers Abstract   PDF (890,82 kB)
Jesús Manuel Nieto García
No 24: Special Issue: Words on words and dictionaries Some thoughts on slang Abstract   PDF (307,07 kB)
Jonathon Green
No 17 Something old and something new. Techniques to improve the lexical inventory of EST students : a proposal Abstract   PDF (156,71 kB)
Antonio Miranda García, Javier Calle Martín, David Moreno Olallas
No 6 Soneto XVIII Details   PDF (40,38 kB)
William Shakespeare, Joaquín Pastor Pina
No 7 Sonnets Abstract   PDF (243,25 kB) (Español)
William Shakespeare, Beatriz Villacañas Palomo
No 23: Special Issue: Research on Teaching in English Spain’s Long Shadow: The Black Legend, Off-Whiteness, and Anglo-American Empire. María DeGuzmán. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005. Pp. ix + 372. Details   PDF (216,13 KB)
Jenny Heil
No 18 Spears Brooker, Jewel (ed.)(2004): T.S. Eliot: The Contemporary Reviews. Cambridge University Press, 600 pp. Details   PDF (176,21 KB)
María Lourdes López Ropero
No 18 Specialized bilingual dictionaries for translators (some considerations for a user-oriented approach) Abstract   PDF (777,44 kB)
Adelina Gómez González-Jover
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media Speeches and declarations: a war of words Abstract   PDF (1,31 MB)
Antonio Reyes Rodríguez
No 32: Special Issue: The Language of Sport and Adventure Tourism Sports and Adventure Tourism Anglicisms in Spanish: Esferatón or Zorbing? Abstract   PDF (272,77 kB)
Isabel De la Cruz, Cristina Tejedor Martínez
No 32: Special Issue: The Language of Sport and Adventure Tourism Sports Terminology as a Source of Synonymy in Language: the Case of Czech Abstract   PDF (315,24 kB)
Aleš Klégr, Ivana Bozděchová
No 25: Special Issue: Global Shakespeare Staging Plays at Shakespeare’s Globe: Then and Now Abstract   PDF (259,07 kB)
Ann Thompson
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching Stress and rhythm in English Abstract   PDF (984,42 kB)
Maria-Josep Solé Sabater
No 26: Special Issue: Identity, Culture and Performance Studies Students' Beliefs on Portfolio Assessment Abstract   PDF (318,74 kB)
Andrés Canga Alonso
No 1 Studying literature as language Details   PDF (674,39 kB)
Roger Fowler
No 15 Stylistic gender differences in the literary representation of detective talk Abstract   PDF (882,06 kB)
Elena Ortells Montón, Santiago Posteguillo Gómez
No 8 Susana Onega, ed. Telling Histories: Narrativizing History, Historicizing Narrative. Amsterdam and Atlanta: Rodopi, 1995, 208 pp. Details   PDF (133,92 KB)
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
No 8 Syntactic ambiguity as a device in British humour Abstract   PDF (914,53 kB)
María Teresa Sánchez Roura
No 30: Special Issue: English as a Contact Language: Variation and Diffusion Syntactic complexity and language contact: A corpus-based study of relative clauses in British English and Indian English Abstract   PDF (639,32 kB)
Iván Tamaredo
No 29 Szpyra-Kozlowska, Jolanta. 2015. Pronunciation in EFL Instruction. A Research-Based Approach. Multilingual Matters. 264 pages Details   PDF (132,06 kB)
Yolanda Joy Calvo Benzies
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