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No 2 F.R. Leavis: a Bibliography of Critical Studies Abstract   PDF (1,65 MB) (Español)
José Ramón Díaz Fernández
No 2 Nature in Alastor, Childe Harold and Endymion Abstract   PDF (711,07 kB) (Español)
Arsenio Sánchez Calvo
No 2 Reviews Details   PDF (378,99 kB) (Español)
Revista alicantina de estudios ingleses
No 2 Same/mismo and other identifiers Abstract   PDF (891,43 kB) (Español)
José Ramón Losada Durán
No 2 Small World ... And a Barren One Abstract   PDF (645,53 kB) (Español)
María Teresa Gibert Maceda
No 2 The Spanish Component in The Spanish Tragedy Abstract   PDF (796,58 kB) (Español)
José Manuel González Fernández de Sevilla
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching A bibliographical approach to English language teaching Details   PDF (820,85 kB)
José Mateo Martínez, María José Huesca
No 5: Special Issue: Modern Anglo-Irish literature A bibliographical approach to Irish literature in English Details   PDF (716,17 kB)
Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 10 A bibliography of primary sources by some eighteenth-century women writers Details   PDF (1,06 MB)
María Jesús Lorenzo Modia
No 5: Special Issue: Modern Anglo-Irish literature A Bibliography of Samuel Beckett's Work (1906-1989) Abstract   PDF (1,28 MB) (Español)
José Ángel García Landa
No 15 A case study of collaboration among the ESP practitioner, the content teacher, and the students Abstract   PDF (1,03 MB)
Ana Almagro Esteban, Manuel Carlos Vallejo Martos
No 14: Special Issue: Pragmatics and Translation A complete bibliography of interpreting and translation just one click away Abstract   PDF (564,87 kB)
Javier Franco Aixelá
No 29 A Contrastive Study of Stancetaking in Obama’s Political Discourse Abstract   PDF (192,46 kB)
Conchi Hernández-Guerra
No 33: Special Issue: English Literary Studies Today: From Theory to Activism A Critical Review of María Elena Jaime de Pablos, ed. 2019. Remaking the Literary Canon in English: Women Writers, 1880-1920. Granada: Comares. 128 pp. ISBN: 978-84-9045-748-1 Abstract   PDF
Marta Bernabeu
No 21: Special Issue: New trends in cross-cultural communication A cross-cultural analysis of heart metaphors Abstract   PDF (121,73 kB)
Regina Gutiérrez Pérez
No 20 A diachronic-synchronic review of gender in English Abstract   PDF (562,19 kB)
Jesús Fernández Domínguez
No 31: Special Issue: Reading the First World War 100 Years after A Different Perspective (?): Air Warfare in Derek Robinson’s Post-Memory Aviation Fiction Abstract   PDF (106,88 kB)
Marzena Sokolowska-Paryz
No 13 A feminine subject in postmodernist chaos: Janette Winterson's political manifesto in Oranges are not the only fruit Abstract   PDF (1,04 MB)
Mónica Calvo Pascual
No 32: Special Issue: The Language of Sport and Adventure Tourism A Hundred Years of Football English: A Dictionary Study on the Relationship of a Special Language to General Language Abstract   PDF (337,52 kB)
Gunnar Bergh, Sölve Ohlander
No 7 "A Lesson on a Tortoise" and D. H. Lawrence's earliest crisis of social identity Abstract   PDF (515,18 kB)
Juan Camilo Conde Silvestre
No 12 A linguistic needs analysis for EFL at the university level Abstract   PDF (587,92 kB)
Teresa Morell Moll
No 1 A Literary Controversy between Elizabethan Secular Priests and Jesuits Details   PDF (814,57 kB) (Español)
Federico Eguíluz Ortiz de Latierro
No 8 A move towards maturity: Scott Fitzgerald's The Crack-Up Abstract   PDF (626,79 kB)
A. Banerjee
No 8 A new approach to the use of translation in the teaching of L2 Abstract   PDF (838,64 kB)
Roberto Antonio Valdeón García
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English A new wor(l)d order : language in the fiction of the new Caribbean diaspora Abstract   PDF (106,65 kB)
Bénédicte Ledent
No 16: Special Issue: New Literatures in English A parable of the African condition: the interface of postmodernism and postcolonialism in Biyi Bandele-Thomas's fiction Abstract   PDF (123,5 kB)
Ayo Kehinde
No 1 A Passage to India: the Artistic and Symbolic Language of E.M. Forster Details   PDF (2,52 MB) (Español)
Francisco Fernández Fernández
No 3 A pesar de los pesares, canción Abstract   PDF (89,86 kB)
Robert Burns, Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 17 A pragmatic account of listenership : implications for foreign/second language teaching Abstract   PDF (173,56 kB)
Pilar Garcés Conejos, Patricia Bou Franch
No 8 A pragmatic approach to Katherine Mansfield's "The man without a temperament" Abstract   PDF (977,62 kB)
Pilar Alonso Rodríguez
No 17 A pragmatic approach to the contrastive analysis of a literary work and two of its translations Abstract   PDF (120,12 kB)
María Pilar Mur Dueñas
No 4: Special Issue: English Language Teaching A reappraisal of motivation: the cornerstone of L2 learning Abstract   PDF (824,63 kB)
José Castro Calvín
No 10 A relevance theory approach to the Scandinavian influence upon the development of the English language Abstract   PDF (622,54 kB)
María Ángeles Ruiz Moneva
No 17 A research program for foreign language teachers : building up investigation in classroom contexts Abstract   PDF (156,99 kB)
Gloria Luque Agulló, Manuel Miguel Ramos Álvarez
No 29 A Rhetorical Approach to the Literary Essay: Pedagogical Implications Abstract   PDF (181,85 kB)
Margarita Esther Sánchez Cuervo
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law A Socio-Cultural Approach to ELP: Accessing the Language and Culture of Law through Fictional Television Series Abstract   PDF (131,5 kB)
Shaeda Isani, Sandrine Chapon
No 3 A Sociolinguistic Phenomenon and its Illustration in the Early Linguistic Evolution of D.H. Lawrence Abstract   PDF (511,88 kB) (Español)
Consuelo Montes Granado
No 8 A study of the learning strategies used by secondary school and university students of English in Spain Abstract   PDF (876,21 kB)
Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez
No 6 A Systematic Critique of Translation Abstract   PDF (569,98 kB) (Español)
María Antonia Álvarez Calleja
No 19: Special Issue: Linguistics and the Media A systemic functional analysis of two multimodal covers Abstract   PDF (1,09 MB)
María Martínez Lirola
No 22: Special issue: Persuasive discours A systemic functional approach to analysing and interpreting ideology: an illustration from French editorials Abstract   PDF (418,13 kB)
Alice Caffarel, Elizabeth Rechniewski
No 8 A task-based approach to language teaching: the case for taks-based grammar activities Abstract   PDF (695,01 kB)
María Rosario Cuesta Cuesta
No 18 A theoretical review of the speech act of suggesting: towards a taxonomy for its use in FLT Abstract   PDF (1,28 MB)
Alicia Martínez Flor
No 5: Special Issue: Modern Anglo-Irish literature A voice of their own?: the role of women in contemporary Irish poetry Abstract   PDF (653,78 kB)
Inés Praga Terente
No 27 A young lord passes judgment: National characters in the letters, poems and other writings of Byron’s Mediterranean tour (1809-11) Abstract   PDF (1,26 MB)
Agustín Coletes Blanco
No 25: Special Issue: Global Shakespeare Acquiring Competencies in Financial Translation: From the Classroom to the Marketplace Abstract   PDF (225,54 kB)
Verónica Román Mínguez
No 8 Acting the act in The Changeling Abstract   PDF (323,92 kB)
Lisa Hopkins
No 35: Theatre and Performance Studies in English Adaptation against Myth: Gary Owen’s Iphigenia in Splott and the Violence of Austerity Abstract   PDF
Rebeca Gualberto
No 13 Addicted to fun: courtship, play and romance in the screwball comedy Abstract   PDF (587,93 kB)
Manuela Ruiz Pardos
No 23: Special Issue: Research on Teaching in English Adeline Mowbray, or, the bitter acceptance of woman's fate Abstract   PDF (370,82 kB)
Aída Díaz Bild
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