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No 2 F.R. Leavis: a Bibliography of Critical Studies Abstract   PDF (1,65 MB) (Español)
José Ramón Díaz Fernández
No 2 Nature in Alastor, Childe Harold and Endymion Abstract   PDF (711,07 kB) (Español)
Arsenio Sánchez Calvo
No 2 Reviews Details   PDF (378,99 kB) (Español)
Revista alicantina de estudios ingleses
No 2 Same/mismo and other identifiers Abstract   PDF (891,43 kB) (Español)
José Ramón Losada Durán
No 2 Small World ... And a Barren One Abstract   PDF (645,53 kB) (Español)
María Teresa Gibert Maceda
No 2 The Spanish Component in The Spanish Tragedy Abstract   PDF (796,58 kB) (Español)
José Manuel González Fernández de Sevilla
No 4 A bibliographical approach to English language teaching Details   PDF (820,85 kB)
José Mateo Martínez, María José Huesca
No 5 A bibliographical approach to Irish literature in English Details   PDF (716,17 kB)
Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 10 A bibliography of primary sources by some eighteenth-century women writers Details   PDF (1,06 MB)
María Jesús Lorenzo Modia
No 5 A Bibliography of Samuel Beckett's Work (1906-1989) Abstract   PDF (1,28 MB) (Español)
José Ángel García Landa
No 15 A case study of collaboration among the ESP practitioner, the content teacher, and the students Abstract   PDF (1,03 MB)
Ana Almagro Esteban, Manuel Carlos Vallejo Martos
No 14 A complete bibliography of interpreting and translation just one click away Abstract   PDF (564,87 kB)
Javier Franco Aixelá
No 29 A Contrastive Study of Stancetaking in Obama’s Political Discourse Abstract   PDF (192,46 kB)
Conchi Hernández-Guerra
No 21 A cross-cultural analysis of heart metaphors Abstract   PDF (121,73 kB)
Regina Gutiérrez Pérez
No 20 A diachronic-synchronic review of gender in English Abstract   PDF (562,19 kB)
Jesús Fernández Domínguez
No 31 A Different Perspective (?): Air Warfare in Derek Robinson’s Post-Memory Aviation Fiction Abstract   PDF (106,88 kB)
Marzena Sokolowska-Paryz
No 13 A feminine subject in postmodernist chaos: Janette Winterson's political manifesto in Oranges are not the only fruit Abstract   PDF (1,04 MB)
Mónica Calvo Pascual
No 32 A Hundred Years of Football English: A Dictionary Study on the Relationship of a Special Language to General Language Abstract   PDF (337,52 kB)
Gunnar Bergh, Sölve Ohlander
No 7 "A Lesson on a Tortoise" and D. H. Lawrence's earliest crisis of social identity Abstract   PDF (515,18 kB)
Juan Camilo Conde Silvestre
No 12 A linguistic needs analysis for EFL at the university level Abstract   PDF (587,92 kB)
Teresa Morell Moll
No 1 A Literary Controversy between Elizabethan Secular Priests and Jesuits Details   PDF (814,57 kB) (Español)
Federico Eguíluz Ortiz de Latierro
No 8 A move towards maturity: Scott Fitzgerald's The Crack-Up Abstract   PDF (626,79 kB)
A. Banerjee
No 8 A new approach to the use of translation in the teaching of L2 Abstract   PDF (838,64 kB)
Roberto Antonio Valdeón García
No 16 A new wor(l)d order : language in the fiction of the new Caribbean diaspora Abstract   PDF (106,65 kB)
Bénédicte Ledent
No 16 A parable of the African condition: the interface of postmodernism and postcolonialism in Biyi Bandele-Thomas's fiction Abstract   PDF (123,5 kB)
Ayo Kehinde
No 1 A Passage to India: the Artistic and Symbolic Language of E.M. Forster Details   PDF (2,52 MB) (Español)
Francisco Fernández Fernández
No 3 A pesar de los pesares, canción Abstract   PDF (89,86 kB)
Robert Burns, Brian Hughes, Francisco Javier Torres Ribelles
No 17 A pragmatic account of listenership : implications for foreign/second language teaching Abstract   PDF (173,56 kB)
Pilar Garcés Conejos, Patricia Bou Franch
No 8 A pragmatic approach to Katherine Mansfield's "The man without a temperament" Abstract   PDF (977,62 kB)
Pilar Alonso Rodríguez
No 17 A pragmatic approach to the contrastive analysis of a literary work and two of its translations Abstract   PDF (120,12 kB)
María Pilar Mur Dueñas
No 4 A reappraisal of motivation: the cornerstone of L2 learning Abstract   PDF (824,63 kB)
José Castro Calvín
No 10 A relevance theory approach to the Scandinavian influence upon the development of the English language Abstract   PDF (622,54 kB)
María Ángeles Ruiz Moneva
No 17 A research program for foreign language teachers : building up investigation in classroom contexts Abstract   PDF (156,99 kB)
Gloria Luque Agulló, Manuel Miguel Ramos Álvarez
No 29 A Rhetorical Approach to the Literary Essay: Pedagogical Implications Abstract   PDF (181,85 kB)
Margarita Esther Sánchez Cuervo
No 28: Special Issue: Language and the Law A Socio-Cultural Approach to ELP: Accessing the Language and Culture of Law through Fictional Television Series Abstract   PDF (131,5 kB)
Shaeda Isani, Sandrine Chapon
No 3 A Sociolinguistic Phenomenon and its Illustration in the Early Linguistic Evolution of D.H. Lawrence Abstract   PDF (511,88 kB) (Español)
Consuelo Montes Granado
No 8 A study of the learning strategies used by secondary school and university students of English in Spain Abstract   PDF (876,21 kB)
Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez
No 6 A Systematic Critique of Translation Abstract   PDF (569,98 kB) (Español)
María Antonia Álvarez Calleja
No 19 A systemic functional analysis of two multimodal covers Abstract   PDF (1,09 MB)
María Martínez Lirola
No 22 A systemic functional approach to analysing and interpreting ideology: an illustration from French editorials Abstract   PDF (418,13 kB)
Alice Caffarel, Elizabeth Rechniewski
No 8 A task-based approach to language teaching: the case for taks-based grammar activities Abstract   PDF (695,01 kB)
María Rosario Cuesta Cuesta
No 18 A theoretical review of the speech act of suggesting: towards a taxonomy for its use in FLT Abstract   PDF (1,28 MB)
Alicia Martínez Flor
No 5 A voice of their own?: the role of women in contemporary Irish poetry Abstract   PDF (653,78 kB)
Inés Praga Terente
No 27 A young lord passes judgment: National characters in the letters, poems and other writings of Byron’s Mediterranean tour (1809-11) Abstract   PDF (1,26 MB)
Agustín Coletes Blanco
No 25 Acquiring Competencies in Financial Translation: From the Classroom to the Marketplace Abstract   PDF (225,54 kB)
Verónica Román Mínguez
No 8 Acting the act in The Changeling Abstract   PDF (323,92 kB)
Lisa Hopkins
No 13 Addicted to fun: courtship, play and romance in the screwball comedy Abstract   PDF (587,93 kB)
Manuela Ruiz Pardos
No 23 Adeline Mowbray, or, the bitter acceptance of woman's fate Abstract   PDF (370,82 kB)
Aída Díaz Bild
No 16 Aetiological values in Achebe's stories for children Abstract   PDF (161,16 kB)
Paula García Ramírez
No 26 Affect and Agency in Modern Warfare Videogames: Feeling the Muslim Enemy Abstract   PDF (230,46 kB)
Giuseppe De Riso
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